• Thyroid Surgery: Thyroid surgery is a common procedure performed by ENT surgeons. Patients with overactive thyroids, benign thyroid growths or cancerous growths may be candidates for thyroid surgery. Depending on the patient and condition, the entire thyroid or a portion of the thyroid can be removed. Your ENT surgeon will work in conjunction with other specialists in diagnosing, treating and monitoring your thyroid illness.


  • Salivary Gland Surgery:  The major salivary glands of the face are the submandibular gland and parotid gland. These glands can become infected, blocked or neoplastic (tumorous) and require treatment. If medication does not resolve the issue, an ENT surgeon may operate to remove the gland. Surgery of facial glands can be simple or complex based on the location and extent of the root cause.


  • Head and Neck Cancer: Wall St. ENT surgeons have the experience and expertise to treat cancers of the head and neck. These cancers may present within the nose, sinuses, mouth, throat, larynx (voice box), or salivary glands. Your ENT surgeon will work with other specialists to ensure proper diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of your head or neck cancer. Head and neck cancers often require fine needle aspiration for identification and surgical intervention for removal of tumors. The location and extent of the cancer will determine the type of surgery required and potential recovery time. A cancer diagnosis can be difficult to hear for many patients. Wall St. ENT is here to make sure you receive the best care during this difficult time.


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