• Professional Voice: Your voice is an important part of your overall health. This is especially true for those who depend on their voices everyday as professionals. Singers, teachers, clergy, and receptionists are a few examples of people that depend on their voices every day to do their jobs. For voice professionals that are experiencing difficulties with their voice, an ENT surgeon can help diagnose and treat issues related to the voice. For currently healthy or concerned voice professionals, an ENT surgeon can help create a preventative therapy plan.  If your voice plays an important role in your professional life, an ENT surgeon can help you make sure you keep your voice healthy.


  • Hoarseness: Hoarseness of voice can have a variety of root causes. From a common cold to a growth on your vocal chords, many illnesses can create changes in our voices. It is important to always take hoarseness of voice as a serious sign if it continues for an extended period of time and is not in conjunction with a cold. For professional voice users it is crucial to address change of voice issues appropriately and fast. An ENT surgeon can evaluate for the cause of voice hoarseness and treat it accordingly with medication, surgery or therapy.


  • Swallowing Dysfunction: Swallowing is a complex multi-step process. When swallowing is affected, it can compromise our ability to eat, drink, and speak. If un-treated, swallowing problems can present as drooling, malnutrition, coughing, choking and/or voice change. An ENT surgeon can use a scope to determine the cause of your swallowing dysfunction and develop a treatment plan. Medication, surgery, and swallowing therapy through a speech pathologist are all options available to patients.


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