• Hearing Testing:
    • Audiology Screening: At Wall St. ENT we use pure-tone audiometry to perform audiology screening. Pure-tone audiometry is a key hearing test performed globally to evaluate hearing loss. A pure tone will be played into each ear at varying levels of frequency and volume. The patient will respond to let the technician know whether the noise was audible or not. The results are recorded individually for each ear and varying decibels (volume) and frequencies (pitch). An ENT surgeon will then review the results of the test along with any presenting symptoms to help make a diagnosis and determine a treatment plan.
    • Tympanometry: Tympanometry is a non-invasive test of the middle ear and eardrum. The tympanometer will generate low tones at different pressures and record the response of the ear. Changes to the ear drum or fluid within the middle ear will alter the response sent back to the tympanometer. The results of tympanometry in combination with a pure-tone audiology screening will help your ENT surgeon determine the cause of hearing loss and an appropriate treatment plan.
    • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE): The OAE test is typically done on children too young to do a pure-tone audiogram.  The OAE test is used to check the function of the cochlea (inner ear). This is done by creating a tone, which causes the hair cells of the cochlea to vibrate. The vibration causes a very quiet sound which echoes back and is measured by the machine. The OAE in combination with tympanometry lets the doctor know if your child has the ability to hear, but not the full extent of their capacity to hear.


  • Ear Surgery: ENT surgeons can perform a variety of procedures with regards to the ear; from common procedures such as ventilation tubes, and repair of the ear drum, to cosmetic surgeries of the ear/ear lobe, to more complex cochlear implants tumour excision. After performing the appropriate screening test, an ENT surgeon can discuss what type of surgery/medication/therapy will be best for you. Whether your goals are cosmetic or curative, a Wall St. ENT surgeon can help you.


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