COBLATION Turbinoplasty and radiofrequency reduction

In some cases, doctors recommend a minimally invasive surgery that shrink the turbinates without removing any underlying bone or tissue.

To do this, a surgeon uses a special needle-like device that heats the turbinates using a heat source or radiofrequency energy waves. This causes scar tissue to form, reducing the turbinates’ size. These procedures fall under the categories of COBLATION turbinoplasty or radiofrequency reduction.

They usually take about 15-30 minutes and can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia in an ambulatory outpatient setting depending upon the individual situation.


What’s recovery like?

Recovery times vary for each type of turbinate reduction procedure. For less invasive turbinate reductions such as COBLATION turbinoplasty, recovery is usually quick and not very painful. In about three weeks, the new scar tissue in your nose should be completely healed.

To reduce possible complications, it is important to follow the post-operative instructions which will be provided to you after surgery. This will include the use of oral antibiotic, nasal saline irrigation and lubricating ointments/sprays during the recovery period.

Are there side effects?

Side effects are less likely and less severe for less invasive COBLATION turbinate reduction procedures. For about three weeks, you may experience crusting or nose dryness. Possible rare side effects using COBLATION include:

· pain

· bleeding

· swelling

· dryness

· crusting

· infection


There’s also a possibility that turbinate tissue may regrow after surgery, making it necessary to undergo further turbinate reduction.


What’s the outlook?

The goal of COBLATION turbinoplasty is to reduce the swelling of the turbinates while still maintaining their function. In this scenario, COBLATION offers the most advanced minimally invasive treatment modality currently available for turbinate enlargement.

In most cases, turbinate reductions are successful at opening the airways and making breathing easier. By following your surgeon’s pre-operative and after-care instructions, you can speed your healing and maximize your results.


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