We offer in-office Videonystagmography (VNG) testing for patients who are experiencing dizziness or imbalance to aid in diagnosing vestibular disease. Vestibular disorders can occur when there is disease or damage to the inner ear or the processing area of your brain responsible for balance. VNG testing is a series of tests to check how well the inner ears and corresponding process unit in the brain are working together.


During the testing, the patient will wear a pair of goggles used to monitor and record eye movements. These will track eye movements while looking at stationary or moving objects, and eye muscle responses to head movements and body positioning. The technician will then stimulate both inner ears with cold air to monitor eye muscle responses and help determine if any problems may be occurring on either one or both sides. This test will be followed by a complete audiological work up as well.  

Most patients tolerate the testing very well; however, some patient may experience temporary unsteadiness after testing.

Patients undergoing VNG testing must have nothing to eat or drink one hour prior to testing, and must stop and dizziness medications 48 hours prior to testing.


Monday–Friday: 8-4

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

Statutory Holiday: CLOSED